Maximizing Healthcare Commercial A/R Reimbursement

Hospital Lien Enforcement, Third Party Liability and Accident Claims, MVA




Audits and Requests for Refund and/or Recoupment by Payors



Policy and/or Plan (SPD) Exclusions and Preexisting, Usual & Customary and Other Limitations



Verification of Benefits (VOB Benefits Coverage) & Precert or Preauthorization Denials, Misrepresentation Claims


Silent PPO issues

Accounts Receivables and Denials Management, Managed and Non-Managed Care

Delayed & Denied and Improperly & Untimely Paid Insurance and/or ERISA Claims, Prompt Payment Enforcement



Medical Necessity, Per Diem, DRG, Bundling and Unbundling, Not Paid per Contract


Out of Network or Non-Contracted, Reinsurance or Stop-Loss, Coordination of Benefits, PPO, HMO, EOB, RA, UB-04, UM, UIM issues


Unauthorized Discounts or Reductions, Managed & Non-Managed Care



Disability Claims and Disputes

Early Out or Later Outsourced Vendor Business on Temporary and Full Time

Workers Compensation (WC), Probate, Estate, Bankruptcy, Proof of Claim & Protect Provider Interests


Managed Care Contract Review and Revision, Primary Focus on Reimbursement


Admission Form and Consent to Treatment Review and Revision




In-House Educational Seminars, e.g. Laws Impacting Reimbursement



Other Healthcare Reimbursement Issues

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